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The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was born of the 1978 Hawaii State Constitutional Convention as a public trust, with a mandate to better the conditions of both Native Hawaiians and the Hawaiian community in general. OHA was to be funded with a pro rata share of revenues from state lands designated as "ceded lands."

In 1979, the Hawaii State Legislature enacted Chapter 10 of the Hawai`i Revised Statutes, implementing the changes to the constitution and making OHA a semi-autonomous "self-governing body" governed by a Board of Trustees. Subsequent legislation has further defined the amount of the revenue stream accruing to OHA.


Board of Trustees

An elected Board of Trustees governs the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. The board members shall be Hawaiians as provided by statute. There shall be not less than nine members of the board of trustees. Present members (as of 2006 elections) are:

  • Oahu Trustee - Peter Apo
  • Kauai & Niihau Trustee - Donald Cataluna
  • Maui Trustee - Boyd P. Mossman
  • Molokai & Lanai Trustee - Colette Y. Machado
  • Hawaii Trustee - Robert K. Lindsey Jr.
  • At-Large Trustee - Haunani Apolonia (Chairperson)
  • At-Large Trustee - John Waihe'e IV (Vice Chairman)
  • At-Large Trustee - Rowena Akana
  • At-Large Trustee - Oswald (Oz) Stender

Purpose of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees' purpose, according to the Hawaii State Constitution, is to "manage and administer the proceeds from the sale or other disposition of the lands, natural resources, minerals and income derived from whatever sources for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians, including all income and proceeds from that pro rata portion of the trust referred to in section 4 of this article for native Hawaiians; to formulate policy relating to affairs of native Hawaiians and Hawaiians; and to exercise control over real and personal property set aside by state, federal or private sources and transferred to the board for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians. The board shall have the power to exercise control over the Office of Hawaiian Affairs through its executive officer, the administrator of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, who shall be appointed by the board."

Rice v. Cayetano

Arakaki v. Lingle

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