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Nicholas Burns or R. Nicholas Burns is U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs]], third ranking official in the U.S. Styate Department. He was appointed by George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 17, 2005. Burns has played a major leadership role in the failed anti-nuclear proliferation policy of the second Bush administration.


  • April 11, 2007: Burns asserts that war with Iran was neither "inevitable or desirable" and that Tehran was susceptible to international pressure. Source: Jay Lindsay. "Burns: Diplomacy Will Work With Iran, Over Time." Associated Press and April 11, 2007. News Report
  • January 23, 2007: Burns blustered in a speech delivered at the Dubai-based Gulf Research Center: "The Middle East isn't a region to be dominated by Iran. The Gulf isn't a body of water to be controlled by Iran. That's why we've seen the United States station two carrier battle groups in the region...Iran is going to have to understand that the United States will protect its interests if Iran seeks to confront us." Source: Jim Krane. "U.S. Warns Iran to Back Down." Associated Press. January 23, 2007. News Report
  • December 23, 2006: The UN Security Council voted to appove limited economic sanctions following two months of intense negotiations between the U.S., EU 3, Russia and China. Burns complained that, "We don't think this resolution is enough in itself. We want the international community to take further action. We're certainly not going to put all our eggs in the U.N. basket...We want to let the Iranians know that there is a big cost to them." Source: Jennifer Loven. "U.S. Hails U.N. Resolution Against Iran." Associated Press. December 23, 2006.


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