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Newspapers come in a wide variety of types. The most important are the major daily newspapers (most of which are associated with a city, but some of which are national.) There are a large number of newspapers in smaller cities, and these papers may appear less frequently than daily, such as 1-5 times per week. Also, in the larger cities there are alternative weekly newspapers.

Newspapers often provide a useful gauge of local knowledge and opinion. The editorial leanings of the major newspapers often match those of the political leaders. (Whether this is cause or effect is an interesting discussion.)

The alternative weeklies often (but not always) provide a progressive voice on any given issue. It is wise when exploring a city's or region's political thought to look for the alternative media.

There are also many Nationwide alternative newspapers which are usually connected (or owned by a) to a political party or organization {i.e. The Militant which is connected with the Socialist Workers Party (US)}


Print Media by country

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