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The New Democrat Network (NDN) is "led by NDN President Simon Rosenberg, with advice from NDN's Advisory Board, a group of leading New Democratic thinkers and strategists."[1]

"NDN's Advisory Board includes former Democratic National Committee Chairman Joseph J. Andrew, pollster and Latino electorate expert Sergio Bendixen, former Army Secretary Louis Caldera, former Member of Congress and Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Vic Fazio, former Member of Congress and Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council Dave McCurdy, former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty, and former Federal Trade Commissioner and White House Cabinet Secretary Christine A. Varney."[2]

The NDN, "a coalition member, plans a separate $5 million television campaign aimed at Latino voters in four states." [3]

The "coalition" is comprised of five allied Democrat groups: The Media Fund, "the principal vehicle for pro-Democratic television commercials by the coalition"; America Coming Together, "which is responsible for get-out-the-vote efforts"; America Votes, "the umbrella organization that will stitch together the activities of various progressive organizations"; Joint Victory Campaign 2004, "a combined fundraising committee"; and the Thunder Road Group." [4]


NDN Funding Sources

  • Open Secrets: Advocacy Group Funding (based on records released by the Internal Revenue Service on Monday, March 08, 2004): New Democrat Network.


777 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 410
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 544-9200
Fax: (202) 547-2929

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