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Sign up for these panels here. When enables sign in, I'll post a note here at the top of the page. Please add this page to your watchlist!
  • Crashing the Party: Transforming Netroots Activism into Grassroots Action Within State and Local Parties
  • Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters
  • Milblogging: How the Troops' Writing Affects Our View of the War
  • Taking the Hill: How Veterans are Changing the Face of Military Policy
  • Restructuring U.S. Science Policy
  • The Recipe for Change in America's Food System
  • Politically Active Youth on Political Participation and Civic Education: What They Have to Teach Us
  • Working Outside of the Box:The Future of the Netroots and U.S. House Campaigns
  • Don't Think Of Violence: Framing, Media, and Policy
  • Big Telecom: An Emerging Threat to Our Democracy?
  • Progressive NASA & Space Policy Under a New Administration
  • Transparency, Participation and Reinvention in Government in the Next Administration Through Web 2.0 Tools and Culture
  • From the Written to the Spoken Word: Taking the Leap from Blogging toward Online Radio and Beyond
  • Breaking the Frame: Revitalizing and Redefining Reproductive Rights Media Coverage
  • How corporations and the politicians they fund are fighting to take away our legal rights… and convincing us it’s for the best
  • Working from the Inside Out: Success Stories in Netroots Organizing
  • Using Online Social Techniques To Build Your Blog’s Community
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