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Nelson Bunker Hunt is on the Council for National Policy (CNP) President Executive Committee (1983); CNP Senior Executive Committee (1983-84); CNP Executive Committee (1988). Heir of the Hunt Oil Company fortune.

Financial backer of CNP, CBN, JBS & ?.

In 1951, Bunker Hunt and Wallace Johnson, founder of Holiday Inns, worked with and funded Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christdonating $15.5 million.

Hunt is said to have partially underwritten the cost of an anti-Kennedy newspaper advertisement that appeared in the Dallas Morning News the day of the assassination. Hunt's oil profits were said to be threatened by Kennedy's announced plans to end the oil depletion allowance. A note written by Lee Harvey Oswald addressed to "Mr. Hunt" has raised speculation as to whether it was intended for the oil tycoon, one of his sons, or the CIA agent E. Howard Hunt.

In 1967, Hunt formed the Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) as a covert front for Campus Crusade, which split off and became a leading ministry in the Jesus People movement. Bunker Hunt arranged a retreat for more than 500 millionaires who pledged $20 to Campus Crusade. He once organized a paramilitary force called "Americans Volunteer Group" which he intended to use as a "death squad" against political opponents. [Hougan 55-56; Saloma 53; Diamond 51-56, 250]

In 1967, Nelson Bunker Hunt provided Cameron Townsend, founder of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and the Wycliffe Bible Translators, property in Dallas for a new international translation center. Thy Will Be Done, by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett, documents the business and political connections between Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Rockefeller family, and the CIA. The result of the dealings was the genocide of indigenous tribes in the Amazon basin, although Cam Townsend denied the deaths.

Hunt funded Ed McAteer, "the Colgate-Palmolive salesman who was the organizing force behind the politicized Fundamentalist movement... The sheer human energy amassed by wealthy SIL backers like North Carolina's James A. Jones, one of the largest contractors for military bases in Vietnam, and oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt of Texas. 'Bunker Hunt had helped me considerable,' McAteer freely offered...Wycliffe Associates' '500 Club' was designed to offer the richer members a way out of service through cash; $500 or more each year was all it took to get a special certificate of membership. Some gave much more. Texas's corporate leaders were prominent in helping Cam build SIL's International Linguistics Center near Dallas; the Linguistics Center's board meeting was one of those special occasions where a Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub shoulders with an ultra rightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt. But they were the old core of supporters." [Colby & Dennett 570, 805]

Bill Bright persuaded Nelson Bunker Hunt to underwrite the $6 million cost to produce the 'Jesus' movie in the 1970s.

Hunt, whose John Birch Society background is documented by Conway and Siegelman in Holy Terror, also made a contribution of $1 million to the Moral Majority in 1981, according to Perry Dean Young." [Ominous Politics] Donated $10 million to Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasters Network in 1970.

Hunt is also a member of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, a racist "brotherhood" modeled after the Hospitallers. "Its international membership is consisting of Roman-catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox, United, Old Catholic, New Apostolic and other Christians" 36 

The Order of Saint Lazarus has been linked to Lady Malcolm Douglas Hamilton. Lord Hamilton was the host to Rudolph Hess, Hitler's second in command, when - in 1940 - Hess made his secret flight to England. Hess was seeking to meet with the British aristocratic circle known as the "Cliveden Set." 37 

Percy Foreman, high profile attorney that represented Charles Harrelson, a hired assassin convicted of killing a federal judge in San Antonio with a high-powered rifle, ...In 1975, Foreman was indicted by a federal grand jury for obstruction of justice.  Also indicted in this case were Nelson Bunker Hunt and W. Herbert Hunt, the sons of the Dallas oil man H. L. Hunt.  The grand jury charged that the Hunt brothers paid the attorney $100,000 to insure that Foreman’s clients (Rothermel & Curington) would not testify against them.  The two men, allegedly employed by the Hunt to conduct illegal wiretaps, were offered money by Foreman to accept a jail term rather than testify the principals involved in the case.  Naturally, the distinguished attorney never told his clients that he was really working for the Hunts.

As the trial was about to begin, Foreman claimed that he was too ill to continue. After Senator James O. Eastland made several inquiries with the Justice Department, the defendants, including Nelson Hunt, were allowed to plead no contest to a lesser charge and pay a fine.  The New York Times reported that great political pressure was brought in Washington to keep the Hunts from going to trial, and that Eastland, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had denied that he had received $50,000 from the Hunts for his lobbying efforts.38 

Members of the "Here's Life, World" Intl Executive Committee (l980): Bill Bright, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Roy Rogers, W. Clement Stone, Dr. Jacob Malik (former pres of the United Nations General Assembly), Wallace E. Johnson.

Bunker Hunt funded the "STEP Program and Foundation"... the result of a meeting of some 200 ...wealthy and powerful evangelical, religious, political and business leaders... 76. held on Dallas, Texas April 21st and 22nd 1982, at the behest of multimillionaires Clint Murchison, Jr. and Nelson Bunker Hunt! STEP, an acronym for "Strategies to Eliminate Poverty" was ...formed to alleviate poverty through private sector funding and volunteerism...!  According to the Christian Inquirer, Nelson Bunker Hunt "kicked off" the STEP Program in November of 1981, with a $1 million contribution. It is most interesting to note that among Those attending the April 1982 meeting in Dallas, besides the previously mentioned Dr William Bill Bright, Murchison, and Hunt, were: Dallas Cowboy Coach Tom Landry, Television evangelists Jim Baker, [and CNP's]  James Robison and  Pat Robertson, (Holly) Coors;  Dallas businesswoman [Late] Mary C. Crowley, and the Rev. E.V. Hill  - keynote speaker at the meeting and president of STEP.  [Miller 4]


Reagan connections

"...the White House brought together a coalition of "retired" military men and right-wing millionaires to support the "Nicaragua Freedom Fund," chaired by Wall Street investment executive William Simon. Contributors included familiar right-wing figures like TV evangelist Pat Robertson, Colorado beer baron Joseph Coors, oil magnate Nelson Bunker Hunt, singer Pat Boone, and Soldier of Fortune magazine. The Fund claimed to raise over $20 million through activities such as a $250-a-plate "Nicaraguan refugee" dinner in April 1985 attended by Casey and Simon and featuring a speech by Reagan. In reality, the Fund was a propaganda front, spending almost as much money as it raised. An audit of the "refugee dinner" showed it had raised $219,525 but costs totaled $218,376, including $116,938 in "consulting fees."

"The main purpose of the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund was to divert attention from the covert channels through which real money flowed to the contras in violation of the Boland Amendment. One of those channels was a specialized PR firm, International Business Communications, which pleaded guilty in 1987 to fraud by using a tax-exempt foundation to raise funds to arm the contras. It had been a profitable business, according to the Iran/Contra congressional investigating committee, which concluded that IBC had kept about $1.7 million of the $5 million it channeled to the contras. 39 

Hunt ontributed to the contras through NEPL, $484,500.

Hunt once illegally tried to corner the silver market


"People who know how much they're worth generally aren't worth too much."

Father: H. L. Hunt (Texas oilman, d. 1974)
Mother: Lyda Bunker Hunt

Bankruptcy Sep-1988
Conspiracy convicted 1988



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