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Neil Bush, brother of the 43rd President of the United States, admitted under oath in his 2003 divorce trial that he had sex with hookers in Thailand while still married. The father of three also admitted to catching a venereal disease. He was accused in the trial of fathering the child of his mistress - DNA testing proved inconclusive however. He divorced his wife of 23 years, Sharon, in April of 2003, and married former mistress Maria Andrews (an intern for mother Barbara Bush) in Houston, Texas in March of 2004. His brother George, who was vacationing in Crawford at the time, did not attend the ceremony.

Here is an excerpt from Neil Bush's testimony:

Bush: "I had sexual intercourse with perhaps three or four, I don't remember the exact number, women, at different times. In Thailand once, I have a pretty clear recollection that there was one time in Thailand and in Hong Kong."

Brown (attorney Marshall Davis Brown): "And you were married to Mrs. Bush?"

Bush: "Yes."

Brown: "Is that where you caught the venereal diseases?"

Bush: "No."

Brown: "Where did you catch those?"

Bush: "Diseases plural? I didn't catch..."

Brown: "Well, I'm sorry. How ... how many venereal diseases do you suffer from?"

Bush: "I've had one venereal disease."

Brown: "Which was?"

Bush: "Herpes."

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