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Ned Lamont is a Democrat and television business executive from Connecticut, who ran for U.S. Senate, see Connecticut U.S. Senate election, 2006, but lost to the incumbent. Lamont courageously opposes the Iraq War and says that it is cutting funds from programs that invest in our future: student loans, Social Security, and affordable health care. Lamont has been endorsed by the National Organizational of Women or NOW PAC, the AFL-CIO and former Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives.


Movement Toward Lamont

Recent results from the Quinnipiac University Poll found significant movement among Connecticut Democrats away from Lieberman and toward Lamont in June. In a June 8 poll of Democrats, Lieberman still lead Lamont 57% to 32%, but that was an improvement over the 65% to 19% in a May 2 poll. The same poll found that state voters were highly critical of Bush and the Iraq War. By July 20 the Quinnipiac University Poll showed Lamont leading Lieberman 51% to 47%. In the most recent August 3 Quinnipiac Poll Lamont had widened his lead to 54% with Lieberman pulling only 41% among likely Democratic primary voters.

Quinnipiac & Rasmussen Polling Data

Source Date Lieberman Lamont
Quinnipiac (likely primary voters) August 3, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 41% Ned Lamont 54%
Rasmussen (likely primary voters) July 20, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 41% Ned Lamont 51%
Quinnipiac (likely primary voters) July 20, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 47% Ned Lamont 51%
Rasmussen (likely primary voters) June 14, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 46% Ned Lamont 40%
Quinnipiac (likely primary voters) June 8, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 55% Ned Lamont 40%
Quinnipiac (all Democrats) June 8, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 57% Ned Lamont 32%
Quinnipiac (all Democrats) May 2, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 65% Ned Lamont 19%
Rasmussen April 27, 2006 Joseph Lieberman 51% Ned Lamont 31%


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Lamont founded his own company, Lamont Digital Systems, in 1984. He’s a graduate of both Harvard and the Yale School of Management and a former newspaper editor. He and his wife Annie live in Fairfield County, Connecticut with their three teenaged children.


  • "Because I strongly believe that rather than us having a federal government that tries to take rights away from people, we need a federal government that guarantees rights for people. Guarantees them a right to privacy; guarantees them a right to live their lives without federal interference. I think the Bush administration has been wrong on this. I think Senator Lieberman is too likely to mix religion and politics, and I believe that, when it comes to gay rights, that’s the next civil rights struggle, and rather than take away people’s rights, we should be fighting to guarantee rights."

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