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The National Council of Churches (NCC) is the largest ecumenical religious organization in the US. Its 36 mainstream Protestant and Orthodox churches have a membership of approximately 50 million Americans in more than 100,000 individual congregations.

Every major Christian church in the US is a member of the NCC, with the exception of the Catholic Church and Fundimentalist organizations like the Southern Baptist Convention.

In recent years, the NCC has attracted attention through its work in peace, social justice, civil rights and environmental issues. Recent NCC resolutions have condemned the Iraq War, called for the dismantling of the security wall between Israel and Palestine and requested a stronger global response to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The mainstream media tends to ignore NCC activism and resolutions, preferring to quote leaders from the far right whenever commentary on faith and American life is required. Nevertheless, the NCC remains one of the most influential organizations in terms of social activism in the US.

Member churches of the NCC are:

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