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Nevada's Second District includes most of the state's sparsely inhabited territory. Republican Jim Gibbons was the incumbent. He stepped down to run for Governor. His wife ran for the seat but lost the primary. Republican Dean Heller takes over the seat. Among the District's more unusual features are:


Lincoln County

Area 51, officially known as the Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, but a.k.a Dreamland, Watertown Strip, Paradise Ranch, The Box, Groom Lake and Neverland.
Yucca Mountain Depository (national nuclear waste dump site). Thank you Nevada.

Nye County

The town of Pahrump, which has its own foreign policy.

Washoe County

Black Rock City, home to Burning Man

2006 election cycle

  • Dean Heller (R): 116,160 50% (cw)
  • Jill T. Derby (D): 103,572 45% (cw)
  • Daniel Rosen (I): 5,467 2% cw
  • James C. Kroshus (I): 5,409 2%

2004 election cycle

  • Jim Gibbons (R): 193,300, 67%
  • Angie Cochran (D): 78,905, 27%
  • Janine Hansen (IA): 10,500, 4%
  • Brendan Trainor (L): 4,929, 2%

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