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NOW, PBS' weekly current-events show, was formerly entitled NOW with Bill Moyers. When Bill Moyers retired in January of 2005, David Brancaccio, who joined the show as a correspondent in two years earlier, took over as host.

NOW's goal, as Brancaccio puts it, is to "[help] people navigate the sea of sound bites and shout fests by engaging them with thoughtful discourse about the issues important to regular Americans."

Guests for the first half of 2005 included: Christine Todd Whitman, Milton Glaser, judge Roy Moore, Molly Ivins, Janeane Garofalo, Coleen Rowley, Constance Rice, and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

NOW is funded by PBS, The Orfala Family Foundation, the Park Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation, Town Creek Foundation, "and viewers like you. Thank you."


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