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Molokai Ranch (a.k.a. Molokai Properties Ltd.) owns approximately one-third of the island of Molokai: approximately 60,000 acres. Molokai Ranch is owned by owned by Guoco Leisure of Singapore. Molokai Ranch's businesses included the Molokai Lodge, the Kaupoa Beach Village, the Kaluakoi Golf Course, the Maunaloa gas station, the Maunaloa Tri-Plex Theater, a cattle-rearing operation and maintenance operations. On March 24, 2008, Molokai Ranch announced that it would cease all operations by April 5 and that approximately 120 employees would will be laid off within 60 days.

Molokai Ranch said that its La'au development plan would have saved the company financially. The company wanted to create a 200-lot luxury subdivision on 500 acres of beachfront land at La'au Point. On November 16, 2007, after a contentious Land Use Commission hearing, Molokai Ranch withdrew its Environmental Imapct Statement (EIS) for its La'au Point development. Acceptance of the EIS was necessary for rezoning of the La'au land from agricultural to rural.

According to a Star-Bulletin article dated April 14, 2008:

"Moloka‘i Land Trust announced today that the company, also known as Molokai Properties Ltd., has signed the agreement to donate the “Mokio parcel,” which stretches along the north shore between environmentally sensitive Moomomi and Ilio Point. The land includes five miles of remote coastline." [1]

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