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Moanalua Valley, a valley on the leeward side of the Koolau mountain range on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It lies northwest of the Honolulu International Airport and East of Pearl Harbor. Over the crest of the Koolaus from Moanalua Valley is the town of Kaneohe.

The upper reaches of the valley are home to 14 federally listed or candidate endangered plants and three kinds of endangered tree snails. The Samuel M. Damon Estate which owns the valley is selling off its assets and dissolving. [1]

The nonprofit Trust for Public Land has been coordinating a pooling of government resources to buy 3,716 acres in upper Moanalua Valley and place it in state ownership. [2]

Funds include:

At the lower end of Moanalua Valley are 22 acres of land known as Moanalua Gardens, also owned by the Damon Trust but not included in the above purchase.

In a Star-Bulletin article dated January 6, 2007, Rosemarie Bernardo reported:

Moanalua Gardens will remain part of the legacy of the late Samuel Mills Damon to the people of Hawaii.
His great-grandson John Philip "JP" Damon finalized the purchase of the 22-acre property for $5.05 million on Dec. 29.
"The Gardens have always been a part of my life. I am honored to be taking on this responsibility to the community," said Damon, 42, in a written statement.
Damon intends to keep the site open to the public, according to his attorney, Jim Wright. "It is Mr. Damon's hope that he continue his great-grandfather's legacy."
About five to 10 employees will remain. The property, which is zoned as preservation land, has an annual maintenance cost estimated at $600,000. [3]

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