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The Minnesota Judicial Branch is organized into three levels:

  • At the district level, 275 judges serve in trial courts in each of Minnesota's 87 counties. The trial courts are organized into 10 judicial districts for administrative purposes. Most cases, from traffic offenses to murder, begin here.
  • At the state level, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reconsiders decisions of the trial courts if one of the parties is unhappy with the result and files an appeal. The 16 Court of Appeals judges divide into three-judge panels and travel to cities throughout Minnesota to hear cases.
  • The highest state court is the Minnesota Supreme Court. This court of seven judges, who are called justices, hears appeals from the Court of Appeals, the Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals and the Tax Court. All first-degree murder convictions are reviewed by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Disputes about legislative elections also go directly to the Supreme Court.

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