Minnesota Federal Elections, 2006

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This article discusses elections for the U.S. House and Senate from Minnesota in 2006.




  • Incumbent: Gil Gutknecht (R)
  • Challenger: Tim Walz (D)
  • Outlook: Background of recent DFL'ers In '04 Joe Mayer was the endorsed candidate who dropped out due to serious health issues, and Leigh Pomeroy picked up the ball for the DFL. Having less than a year to put something together, Mr. Pomeroy outperformed the previous candidate Steve Andreasen.

Tim Walz began running by the end of '04. Tim's experience in the military as a Command Sargeant Major comes through. The energy and fervency of support among those who meet Tim is not parallelled by any of the previous three candidates. In short, Tim as a commander inspires loyalty. Tim Walz is a threat to Gutknecht.

Gutknecht's Weakness in GOP The GOP doesn't think too highly of Gil Gutknecht. As a six term incumbent who made very clear that he wanted to run for US Senate he should have been a shoo-in. Yet Mark Kennedy, a two term incumbent congressman, was annointed by the GOP. How to explain Gutknecht's lack of influence? In a word - competence.

Tim is