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Mike Simpson is the Republican Representative for the 2nd District of Idaho.

Your Civil Liberties Not That Important

Simpson has endorsed post 9/11 warrantless surveillance of Americans by the NSA, saying, "I want the president to use every authority he has to stop these types of things. In the the long run, people will be glad we have a president who is looking out for their safety." Source: Christopher Smith. "Idaho Lawmakers Mixed Whether Bush's Domestic Spying Justified." The Associated Press State and Local Wire. December 23, 2005. Thus notwithstanding the U.S. Constitution, Representative Simpson assumes Bush has the authority to conduct warrantless surveillance of Americans. He also claims to be able to devine the future when he describes what Americans will feel "in the long run." Simpson is typical of so many Republican politicians who are knee-jerk fear-mongers. Being free means conquering fear.

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