Michigan U.S. House election, 2006

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Michigan U.S. House of Representatives candidates, 2006

  • MI-07 Candidates:
    • Joe Schwarz (R) - incumbent. (hw) (cw) - lost primary
    • Tim Walberg (R) (cw)
    • Sharon Renier (D) (cw)
    • Chuck Ream (D)
    • Daryl Campbell (D) (cw)
    • Fred Strack (D) (cw)
    • Results: Walberg won 51-46%
    • MI-07 Outlook:
      • The Republican primary saw far-right candidate Tim Walberg defeat a moderate freshman incumbent, Jow Schwarz. Walberg is a conservative minister and former state rep. who ran for this Congressional seat two years ago - he received financial support from the Club for Growth. Schwarz refused to endorse Walberg, saying "His campaign tactics were reprehensible, consisting of one lie and mischaracterization after another." (Source:Toledo Blade)

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