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(to MemeTank)


Not FrameShop, not reframing

The FrameShop focuses on actually finding the correct deep framing for a range of issues, each of which is reframed. The MemeTank is only concerned with propagating a set of Democratically reframed memes, and with ceasing propagation of the Republican memes.

The Template

(found here at MemeTank:Template)

The template is the implicit rule system. Those sections in the template can be applied to any article for purposes of correlating the articles. This is an attempt to try to measure and track the memes because they are taken to have lives of their own, histories. Clearly they are sometimes accepted by one group, sometimes another. This information can be solicited via the template sections. Multiple opinions can be handled by polling.


Because main namespace should not contain articles with titles that imply that real things are not real or false things are true or desired things have actually occurred, it's important to classify memes quickly and move them to the correct alternative namespace:

  • Memes that are actually claims should move quickly to the claim:namespace.
  • Memes that are actually just rhetorical terms should move to the term:namespace.
  • Memes that are political positions actually advocated belong in position:namespace

One Rule

The one rule is "start brief". We're adopting the sense of meme which presumes that they are quickly conveyed (once installed that is). After this they are defensible by bullet points, and each bullet point of course can be supported by factual or analytical articles.

The method can be debated and altered editing here and via consensus at talk:MemeTank:Methodology.

By contrast, an indefensible meme like the term:war on terror requires one to reframe:terrorism into defensible terms, each of which is itself a defensible meme.


Voting is the only way to determine the status of a meme.

Pyrrho- The concept I propose for voting is not designed to support or enforce a single decision, although such voting can happen in the wiki when necessary, the primary voting I'm thinking about is more like polling - to establish contributor opinions about the state, quality and potential of the meme. If two people ascribe contrary status to a meme we can poll to determine the community attitude toward each. We can vote for either or even both in a vote of confidence. For this and any other voting needs I'd like to suggest we use "vote:" as s a naming convention. There are wiki voting methods but also there should be MemeTank Voting Standards.

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