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Implied Definition

The official defintion from the point of view of MemeTank is not stated analytically here, but is a definition implied by the methodology of the MemeTank and within its template. MemeTank is therefore one guide for the ideas about a certain kind of wiki article.

The section below does hint at the idea of a meme which these MemeTank guidelines try to capture.

Principles for The Definition

Memes should be able to be discussed at various levels, or in turns, or in an unfolding manner.

At one level the purpose and identity of the meme is implicit in a short phrase used to identify it, like "Bush is Stupid". At the next level are talking points, complete sentences that convey the meme and/or support the meme. The support (or alternately the rebutting) of the meme continues with longer and gradually better sourced arguments: i.e. paragraph long arguments that support talking points, followed by page long essays that support the claims in the paragraphs. Multipage essays with well-supported references to factual sources then support the page long essays, and so forth.

This is actually a rhetorical definition for "meme". A way of packaging an argument for presentation. It's a way of getting an argument down pat.

If "memes" are social ideas, there are no doubt many many (infinite?) ways to construct them and to analyse them, the purpose of the MemeTank is to be an effective way.

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