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Meir Dagan מאיר דגן is chief of Mossad, the best known Israeli intelligence agency. He was born Meir Huberman in 1945 in the Soviet Union, the son of Holocaust survivors. He and his family immigrated to Israel in 1950 and settled in Bat Yam, a coastal city south of Tel Aviv.

Dagan formerly commanded the israeli occupation zone in Lebanon. He also served as Dagan served as a counterterrorst expert with the Netanyahu and Barak governments.


On December 20, 2006 he told the Isreali Knesset's Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense that Iran will not get the bomb before 2009: "The diplomatic effort to block Iran's nuclear program is far from being over. The threat is close enough to draw attention and yet far enough to allow time for action." By 2008 the Iranian centrifuges will have produced approximately 25 kilograms or 55 pounds of enriched uranium. Source: Aluf Benn. "Mossad Chief: Iran Will Not Get Nuclear Bomb Before 2009." Haaretz. December 20, 2006.


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