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The Great and General Court of Massachusetts is made up of a Senate of 40 members and a House of Representatives of 160 members, all of whom are elected to two-year terms. Each branch selects its own leader from its membership. The current Senate President is Robert E. Travaglini and the current Speaker of the House is Salvatore F. DiMasi. These officers exercise vast amounts of power through their appointments of majority floor leaders and whips as well as their selection of chairs and all members of the joint committees. Joint committees of the General Court are made up of six senators and 15 representatives, with a Senate and House Chair for each committee. These committees must hold hearings on all bills filed. Their report usually determines whether or not a bill will pass. Each chamber has a separate Rules and a Ways and Means Committee and these are among the most important committee assignments.

The General Court is currently in its 183rd session. It was established in 1691 when the Massachusetts Bay Colony got a new charter, and existed in its colonial form until the first Massachusetts state constitution was ratified in 1779. The Court is currently housed in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

Senate Membership

(34 Dem / 6 GOP)

The current composition of the Senate is 34 Democrats and six Republicans.

=House Membership= (134 Dem / 22 GOP / 1 Ind / 3 vacant)
Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket












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