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Mark Shurtleff is the Attorney General of Utah. He and Utah Governor Jon Hunstman are supporters of 2008 Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Shurtleff announced his support on December 8. 2006.


"I didn't mention the word polygamist one time the first time I ran for office. I grew up here. I – you know, mea culpa, I was like everybody else. I knew they were polygamists. I went to school with them. I mean I grew up and lived just less than a mile from the Warren Jeffs' compound when he lived in Salt Lake City before he moved everything down there to get himself into position to become the leader. He ran the school. He had a huge polygamist compound at the mouth of one of our canyons there. I live near there." CBC News Interview. "Bustup in Bountiful." 2006. News Report


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