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Malcolm X was a black nationalist who joined the Nation of Islam. He preached a message of separation, and resistance, even violent if necessary, to the oppressions of segregation. Malcolm X was one of several African-American figures who joined the Nation of Islam and set in motion a movement among many African-Americans to join.

X is often viewed as having been the flipside of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s pacifistic method in the Civil Rights movement. The two men did meet during life and the few pictures of them together are viewed as showing a particularly symbolic moment in the history of the Civil Rights movement.

After King's murder X traveled to Mecca on a religious pilgrimage (hajj).

When he returned X publicly renounced the Nation of Islam and his hate of white people who, he had learned while in Mecca, could be as devout Muslims as anyone else so they could not all be devils. X became a man who sounded more like the late Doctor King with each passing day and like King X was murdered in 1965.

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