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Welcome to the dKosopedia, a collaborative project of the DailyKos community to build a political encyclopedia. The dKosopedia effort was started in April of 2004 and currently consists of 14,361 articles.


Issues and Positions



The Kossary is a political glossary, created to help explain terms and shorthand used in political discussion and journalism, such as acronyms (e.g. SCLM, DLC), web shorthand (e.g. ROFL), or terms (e.g. Electoral College).

Arguments and Debates

Responses and approaches to political rhetoric and narrow position papers.

Arguments, ThinkTanks, Thread Summaries, TalkingPoints, DebatingTechnique, Strategy. For more explanation of this topic as it related to dKosopedia and progressive politics, see Arguments and Debates.


You are invited to contribute noninflammatory original material to the dKosopedia. Begin by registering and logging in, and you may want to start by playing in our sandbox before editing any pages. The Wikipedia contains a very nice resource explaining MediaWiki formatting.

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See the Wikipedia or SourceWatch for other examples of collaborative information resources using the MediaWiki software.

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