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The 7th Congressional District of Missouri consists of 10 Ozark counties in the southwestern-most corner of the state, a piece of the white Bible Belt more similar to the Mountain South than the Midwest. The largest population centers are placid, non-descript Springfield and country n' western music mecca Branson. (The towns of Lampe and Blueeye are also pretty darn excitin' on a Saturday night!) The district is currently represented by Republican Roy Blunt (hw).

2006 election cycle

  • Roy Blunt (R): 160,911 67% (cw)
  • Jack Truman (D): 72,573 30% (cw)
  • Other: 3%

2004 election cycle

  • Roy Blunt (R): 210,002, 71%
  • Jim Newberry (D): 84,322, 28%

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