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The Fourth District of Missouri consists of all of 24 counties and part of Pol County, which include both home towns of President Harry S. Truman: Clinton, Missouri and Independence, Missouri. Democratic Representative Ike Skelton (hw) is the incumbent.

2006 election cycle

  • Ike Skelton (D): 158,482 68% (cw)
  • James A. "Jim" Noland, Jr.(R), 29%
  • Jeffrey Parnell (R): 68,869 29% (cw)
  • Melinda Leann Ivey (Progressive Party of Missouri): 2,441 1% (cw)

2004 election cycle

  • Ike Skelton (D): 190,632, 66%
  • Jim Noland (R): 93,245, 32%

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