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A Howard Dean campaign volunteer from Texas drove this MINI to Iowa for "The Perfect Storm," January, 2004.
Photo Copyright © 2004 John Pettitt/, used with permission.

Automobile brand manufactured in the United Kingdom by skilled union craftsmen. (Company is owned by BMW, but the car is not a "BMW," just as a Lexus is not a "Toyota.") MINI dealers in the U.S. sell three models: the Cooper (pictured), Cooper S, and Cabrio (in both Cooper and Cooper S trim). (The lower horsepower MINI One and diesel powered MINI One D are not sold in the U.S.) The MINI is the smallest (exterior dimensions) car currently sold in the U.S. — and clear proof that automakers can design a best-selling small car.

Safe, practical (seats four), space-efficient, economical (decent fuel economy), and fun: that's MINI. The 2005 MINI Cooper has a base price of about $17,500.

MINI (all capitals) refers to the new, modernized version built from 2001 onward. Mini (with lowercase) refers to the classic Mini built from 1959 to 2000.

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