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Not to be confused with the Minimum Wage

Issue Guide: Living wage

The following Frequently Asked Questions about the Living Wage:

  • What is a living wage ordinance?
  • How are living wage levels determined?
  • How is the minimum wage different from a living wage?
  • What is the difference between a living wage and a "prevailing wage"?
  • Why do we need living wage ordinances?
  • Who pays the cost of the living wage increase?
  • Do living wage ordinances cause job loss?
  • Do living wage ordinances have a negative impact on the business climate?
  • What effect do living wage ordinances have on the contracting process?
  • What effect do living wage ordinances have on economic development?
  • Are there problems with enforcing living wage ordinances?
  • Will living wage ordinances reduce poverty?
  • How do living wage ordinances affect non-profits?
  • Will employers replace less-skilled workers with higher-skilled workers if they are forced to raise wages?
  • What is the government's role in setting job quality standards?

Are answered here: Living wage FAQ

See also: Minimum Wage

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