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Type and Scope Name with Link Purpose Comments People
coalition - nat'l Election Protection Coalition voter protection The coalition still exists, but no website newer than the 2004 version could be found. NA
funding - int'l Threshold Foundation Threshold is a progressive foundation and a community of individuals united through wealth, who mobilize money, people and power to create a more just, joyful and sustainable world. managed by Tides Foundation, connected to Social Venture Network Deborah Nelson
funding - int'l Tides Foundation Working for social change in the U.S. and abroad. Grants areas: Civic Participation, Economic Development, Economic and Racial Justice, Environment, Environmental Justice, LGBTIQ Communities, HIV/AIDS, Native Communities, Progressive Media, Arts and Culture, Women's Empowerment and Reproductive Health, Youth Organizing and Development Drummond Pike, President, Idelisse Malav?, Executive Director Ellen Friedman, Vice President Christopher J. Herrera, Director of Communications
funding - nat'l Quixote Foundation Environmental protection, Reproductive rights, Economic justice, U.S. election integrity, Media reform Erik M. Hanisch, Lenore M. Hanisch, Founder Arthur Stuart Hanisch,
funding - nat'l Skyline Productions Skyline Public Works blends venture capital with political philanthropy by investing in emerging political entrepreneurs who are re-inventing the progressive movement in the United States. It provides administrative and grant making support to the Rappaport Family Foundation which makes grants to non-profit 501 c (3) organizations that promote civic engagement. Also the general partner in Skyline Public Works Investments which makes investments in for-profit companies whose products enhance the public good. Andy & Deborah Rappaport; Lisa Steitz-Gruwell, pol director <>; Hillary Hartley, computing
funding - nat'l Social Venture Network to inspire a community of business and social leaders to build a just economy and sustainable planet. Pamela Chaloult & Deborah Nelson Co-Executive Directors
government - nat'l Election Assistance Commission independent bipartisan agency charged with disbursing payments to states for replacement of voting systems and election administration improvements, adopting voluntary voting system guidelines, and serving as a national clearinghouse and resource of information regarding election administration Soaries appointed as chair by Bush DeForest Soaries (appointed as chair by Bush; has since resigned), Donetta Davidson,
government - nat'l Federal Elections Commission campaigns
government - nat'l National Institute of Standards and Technology standards and testing (to promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life)
mixed RightMarch "conservative counter to radical left-wing groups like" Dr. William Greene
mixed (advocacy, etc.) - nat'l Green Party "REALLY making every vote count" Cobb/LaMarche 2004 David Cobb, Michael Badnarik, Pat LaMarche, Bob Fitrakis?
prof, vendor - nat'l Election Center ( Known as National Association of Election Officials.) promoting, preserving, and improving democracy. Its members are government employees whose profession is to serve in voter registration and elections administration. alert service which informs and updates state, city and other elections and voter registration officials regarding legislation, regulations, court decisions, and Justice Department rulings which affect the conduct of voter registration or elections administration. Additionally, the Center performs research for such governmental units concerning the similarities and differences in state or local laws, regulations, or practices concerning voter registration and elections administration. election officials, VENDOR-FUNDED Doug Lewis (founder)
professional - nat'l International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurers (IACREOT) Provide a forum through which county officials can engage in the full, frank, free exchange of information. Improve standards of operation that will best serve the public. Encourage the passage of uniform laws governing the operation of county offices. Web presence is rudimentary. Rebecca Mercuri, well-known security expert, was ejected from an IACREOT conference in Denver. Also see this link. Gertrude Walker (President), Jeanne McNamara (Membership Chair)
professional - nat'l Natl Assoc of Secretaries of State Election issue, e-Government & Business Services Issues, Securities Issues, International Relations Issues Executive Director: Leslie Reynolds, Director of Communications: Meredith B. Imwalle Press Secretary: George A. Munro
professional - nat'l Natl Assoc of State Election Directors communication and coordination among state election directors NYT 11/21/04 article on email complaints Hancock, the ITA Secretariat
profit - nat'l Campaign Scientific data transformation, data collection, automation, report writing, data mining, organizational consulting Stephanie Frank Singer, Ph.D
profit - nat'l Election Data Services a political consulting firm specializing in redistricting, election administration, and the analysis and presentation of census and political data with GIS (geo?graphic information systems). (1) software and a full range of database, data analysis, and consulting services for state and local legislatures and commissions with redistricting responsibilities; (2) precinct management software and consulting studies on voting equipment and voter registration systems for state and local election offices; and (3) political information products, such as election data, and district boundaries, for public & private clients Kimball Brace, president
profit - nat'l Voter Link was project mgr for CC myvote1 consortium; auto-voice response phone systems; polling place location data; voter info lookup data system Ken Smukler
research - nat'l American Enterprise Institute (AEI)/Brookings Election Reform Project synthesis of election reform research; bridging together the research and policy communities Co-directors: Thomas E. Mann, The Brookings Institution; Norman J. Ornstein, AEI
research - nat'l The Century Foundation various Richard C. Leone, President, Christy DeBoe Hicks Vice President, Public Affairs , Chairman(Alan Brinkley )
research - nat'l A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections (ACCURATE) Academic consortium to research ways in which technology can be used to improve voting systems and the voting process; multi-institution voting research center funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under their CyberTrust program e-voting technology Aviel D. Rubin (director), Dan S. Wallach (associate director); principal investigators include David Dill (founder of Verified Voting)
research - nat'l CalTech-MIT Voting Technology Project evaluate the current state of reliability and uniformity of U.S. voting systems - establish uniform attributes and quantitative guidelines for performance and reliability of voting systems - propose specific uniform guidelines and requirements for reliable voting systems grew out of 2000 election problems Michael Alvarez (CalTech), Ted Selker (MIT)
research - nat'l Commonweal Institute think tank that seeks to maximize the visibility and the power of progressive ideas and values Katherine Forrest
research - nat'l ElectionLine providing up-to-the-minute news and analysis on election reform. Doug Chapin, Director
research - nat'l Moritz Election Law Center at Ohio State University information and insight on the laws governing federal, state, and local elections Edward B. "Ned" Foley, Director; Daniel P. "Dan" Tokaji, Associate Director
research - nat'l National Election Data Archive A scientific project for development & application of mathematical methods to ensure election outcome accuracy. Methods it recommends include public release and forensic analysis of detailed election data and independent audits of election outcome integrity. US Count Votes d.b.a. National Election Data Archive Kathy Dopp, President; Ron Baiman, Vice President
research - nat'l The Brennan Center for Democracy to develop and implement an innovative, nonpartisan agenda of scholarship, public education, and legal action that promotes equality and human dignity, while safeguarding fundamental freedoms see Brennan Center Task Force Dorothee Benz, public affairs director;
research - state Center for Election Integrity at Cleveland State University partnership of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. It draws upon the long standing expertise from both colleges in electoral and regulatory law, public administration and civic education. CEI provides research, training, consultation, and public education to assist Ohio in becoming the national leader in transparent, legal, efficient and accurate elections.
research - state University of Connecticut Voting Technology Research ("VoTeR") Center The mission of the VoTeR center is to advise state agencies in the use of voting technologies and to investigate voting solutions and voting equipment to develop and recommend safe use procedures for their usage in elections. Alexander Shvartsman, principal investigator
technical assistance - int'l, state IFES provides technical assistance to new and developing democracies in the areas of election administration, civil society building, human rights, rule of law and governance Initially called upon to offer our expertise in the wake of the 2000 U.S. Presidential elections, IFES has a number of projects assisting states with their election systems and with HAVA compliance. IFES? projects are funded by bilateral and multilateral development agencies, such as USAID and the United Nations. We also receive funding from private corporations, individuals and foundations. Publishes a buyer's guide to election equipment. Laura Ingalls (press officer)
training - nat'l Center for Democracy & Elections at American University educate and train undergraduate and graduate students and mid-career professionals in the management of elections and best democratic practices Bob Pastor, Dan Calingaert
watchdog - nat'l Election Science Institute (formerly VoteWatch) to bring together citizens, survey researchers and leading technologies to promote fair, transparent and accurate elections statistical sample precincts, inference (but also mystery voters, counters) Steven Hertzberg; Greg Dinger (former VVF webmaster); Nicole Vicinanza

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