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Name with Link Purpose Comments People
Advancement Project Advancement Project is a democracy and justice action group. We work with communities seeking to build a fair and just multi-racial democracy in America. Using law, public policy and strategic communications, Advancement Project acts in partnership with local communities to advance universal opportunity, equity and access for those left behind in America. Gerald Torres, Esq., Chair of Board of Directors
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) The mission of the ACLU is to preserve: * Freedom of speech, association, assembly, press, religion * Right to equal protection under the law * Right to due process * Right to privacy and to extend rights to segments of our population that have traditionally been denied their rights. NJ and FL leadership on voting issues Anthony Romero, executive director
Asian American Legal Defense and Election Fund (AALDEF) Founded in 1974, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) is a national organization that protects and promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans. By combining litigation, advocacy, education, and organizing, AALDEF works with Asian American communities across the country to secure human rights for all. works on voting rights, among other issues Margaret Fung, executive director
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities since 1970; also has international presence voter registration issues; struck down barriers to voter registration in Bridgeport, Pine Bluff, Little Rock, Atlanta, Grand Rapids and Pittsburgh Alan Jesseman, Maggie Moore-West, co-chairs
BlackBox Voting consumer protection group for elections 1. Provide State and Local forums, 2. funded by citizen donation using web(paypal) or mail, 3.?Help America Audit? project/campaign; see also , Bev Harris
Center for Civic Participation Successor to National Voice. The Center for Civic Participation’s mission is to increase civic engagement by individuals and organizations in ways that both strengthen our democratic institutions and encourage public involvement in civic life. CCP’s priority is to work in communities that have been historically underrepresented in our democratic process. Andy Fuller, Development & Communications Manager, Natascha Shawver, Program Manager and Organizer
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count "The Nation's First Website on the Computerized Votefraud Problem"; emphasis on allegations of fraud by Democrats and Republicans against third-party candidates (Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul).
Citizens for Voting Integrity Our non-partisan group Citizens for Voting Integrity, was formed in Westchester County, New York, in response to the voting problems with the Nov 2, 2004 elections, especially in Ohio and Florida. Some of our members went to other states as election protection volunteers and personally witnessed many breakdowns in the voting process. Not updated since March 2007. Heleni Thayre (of Boston, MA)
Coalition Against Election Fraud The Coalition Against Election Fraud is a group that formed in response to the numerous reports of voting irregularities and election law violations that took place during the 2004 election. A delegation of CAEF members visited Washington, D.C. to ask Senators to object to the certification of the election. not updated since May 2005
Coalition for Visible Ballots set aside all machines, including electronic of any type, touchscreen, optical scan counters--and use paper ballots, hand-counted in public view not updated since December 2006 Vickie Carp (chair), G. Edward Griffin (founder), Bev Harris
Common Cause 1. Increase the diversity of voices and ownership in media, to make media more responsive to the needs of citizens in a democracy and to protect the editorial independence of public broadcasting. 2. Advance campaign reforms that make people and ideas more important than money. 3. Make certain that government is open, ethical and accountable. 4. Remove barriers to voting and ensure that our voting systems are accurate and accessible. 5. Increase participation in the political process. 6. Make certain that our government is held accountable for the costs, in lives and money, for the invasion of Iraq. Chellie Pingree, past president and CEO; Sarah Dufendach, Chief Operating Officer
Common Cause Education Fund 1. Strengthen public participation and faith in our institutions of self-government. 2. Ensure that government and the political process serve the general interest, rather than special interests. 3. Curb the excessive influence of money on government decisions and elections. 4. Promote fair and honest elections and high ethical standards for government officials. 5. Protect the civil rights and civil liberties of all Americans. Ryan Alexander, Executive Director, Common Cause Education Fund, Lisa Prosinski
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility public interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society Erik Nilsson, Voting Task Group; Susan Evoy, Mgr
CREDO to help busy people make a difference in the world through everyday activities like talking on the phone. Each month: 80,000 calls and letters on important issues of public concern. E.g. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Endangered Species Act, Social Security. Originally called Working Assets. Laura Scher, chair and CEO
Demos to help build a society where America can achieve its highest democratic ideals. * combines research with advocacy - melding the commitment to ideas of a think tank with the organizing strategies of an advocacy group. (a.Help America Vote Act (HAVA), b. Voting Rights Restoration, c. National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Implementation, d. Election Day Registration, F.Democracy Dispatches) Online donation through Network for Good, or by sending a check payable Miles Rapoport (President), David Callahan (Research Director and Senior Fellow), Stephen Meswarb (Director of Development)
Election Defense Alliance coalition of election integrity activists working

at the state and local levels across the nation to defend election systems against surreptitious electronic fraud and antidemocratic manipulation

Sally Castleman, Jonathan Simon, Dan Ashby, co-founders
Election Integrity In 2006, EI conducted the USA's first Election Verification Exit Poll, and performed another in the November 2008 general election. Steven Freeman, Bob Fitrakis
Electronic Frontier Foundation Protect our civil liberties in the networked world Cindy Cohen, ED; Matt Zimmerman, Elections Specialist
Electronic Privacy Information Center 1. Public interest research center to focus public attention on emerging civil liberties issues and to protect privacy, the First Amendment, and constitutional values. 2. Publishes an award-winning e-mail and online newsletter on civil liberties in the information age have a group called the National Committee for Voting Integrity Lilly Coney, LaTosha Brown, Marc Rotenberg(Executive Director)
FairVote 1. electional reform such as instant runoff voting, proportional voting, direct election of the president and automatic voter registration 2. research, analysis, education and organizing to ensure all Americans can exercise their right to vote and elect representatives who reflect our racial and political diversity) Their Right to Vote initiative is striving for a Constitutional amendment to explicitly guarantee citizens' right to vote. Linda Burnham, Robert Richie(Executive Director), David Moon(Program Director), John Anderson(Chair), Edward Hailes(Vice-Chair)
Free Congress Foundation Conservative - the cultural and moral decay of political correctness Paul Weyrich
Help America Recount Fund fund focused on raising money for 2004 recount (goal achieved) 527 fund affiliated with BlackBox Voting, Green Party? Rev. C.T. Vivian
Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law civil rights with PFAWF, sponsored VV's development of Election Incident Reporting System in 2004 and 2005; intends to build in-house version for 2006 Jon Greenbaum (head of Voting Rights); Jonah Goldman
League of Women Voters civil rights A nonpartisan political organization, has fought since 1920 to improve our systems of government and impact public policies through citizen education and advocacy. Mary Wilson, President; Nancy E. Tate, Executive Director
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) foster sound public policies, laws and programs to safeguard the civil rights of the 40 million Latinos living in the United States and to empower the Latino community to fully participate in our society John Trasvia, Interim President and General Counsel
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) member of the Election Protection Coalition Julian Bond, Chair of Board of Directors
National Ballot Integrity Project The American system of government requires an election process that is freely accessible to all citizens of voting age, fully acountable, transparent to public oversight, secure and accurate in recording, counting and reporting election results. Includes links to national and local organizations & people; forums, Action Center, Resource Center, VotersUnite Tom Ryan, Lisa Burks, Sharona Merel, Co-founders
National Committee for Voting Integrity an EPIC project that brings together experts on voting issues from across the country to promote constructive dialogue Chair: Peter Neumann; David Dill, Bobbie Brinegar, Doug Jones, Joe Hall
National Voice To increase public participation in the democratic process; to promote voting and other forms of civic participation. (Organization founded in April 2003, disbanded on December 31, 2004. Its successor is the Center for Civic Participation.) Dr. Keith Jennings, Mark Ritchie
National Voting Rights Institute NVRI's central goals to achieve our core purpose are as follows: * Pass and successfully defend reforms that limit campaign spending in local, statewide and national elections. * Strengthen, defend and protect political participation against threats at the state and local level. * Affirm and support constitutional protection of the right to vote. * Obtain public funding for local, state and federal elections. Stuart Comstock-Gay (Executive Director), John Bonifaz (on leave of absence), Benjamin Binswanger, James Forman, Jr., Laura Hankins, Tripp Jones, Spencer Overton
Omidyar Network 1. Equal access to information, tools and opportunities, 2.Rich connections around shared interests. 3. A sense of ownership for participants NA
Open Voting Consortium to the development, maintenance, and delivery of trustable and open voting systems for use in public elections. Alan Dechert, Pres & CEO, Arthur Keller, UC Santa Cruz, Douglas Jones, U Iowa
People for The American Way (Foundation) reducing social tension and polarizations, encouraging community participation, fostering understanding among different segments of our society, and increasing the level and quality of public dialogue. with Lawyers Committee, sponsored VV's development of Election Incident Reporting System in 2004 and 2005; intends to build in-house version for 2006 Elliot Mincer (VP); Josh Hilgart, Dale Larson(IT), Kristin Bateman (volunteers); Tanya Clay (Policy), Sharon Lettman (PFAWF Programs)
Progressive Democrats of America to carry the progressive agenda from the American grassroots to Congress to guide the development of progressive legislation, fight for its passage into law, and support the realization of progressive policies at the state and local levels. John Bonifaz, Kevin Spidel
Project Vote Project Vote is the leading technical assistance and direct service provider to the civic participation community. Since its founding in 1982, Project Vote has provided professional training, management, evaluation and technical services on a broad continuum of key issues related to voter engagement and participation in low-income and minority communities. Zach Polett, Executive Director, Jehmu Greene, National Director
Reform Institute:For Campaign and Election Issues to help reestablish the essential connection between citizens and their government, and to renew the American tradition of meaningful, active citizen participation in the nation's civic life Moderate Republican/Conservative McCain supporters Cecilia Martinez, E.D.; Advisory Bd: Tony Corrado; Ken Smukler, John Zogby
S.A.V.E. Democracy (Safe, Accurate, and Verifiable Elections) restoring the sanctity, integrity , openness and legality of our electoral system by replacing current voting systems with same day hand counting of paper ballots site apparently not updated after 2004 Victoria Collier
Right to Vote - Campaign to End Felony Disfranchisement RTV seeks to broaden national public discussion of disfranchisement through media and communications, impact litigation and scholarship. RTV has also launched, and provides technical assistance to, state-based efforts across the country where the Campaign is using one or more of these strategies — clemency assistance, voter registration, public education, legislative advocacy and litigation Monifa Akinwole Bandele, Field Director
True Majority 1. Attack poverty and world hunger 2. Champion the rights of every child, woman & man. 3. End our obstructionism to the world's treaties. 4. Reduce our dependence on oil and lead the world to an age of renewable energy. 5. Close book on Cold War & ease nuclear nightmare. 6. Renounce Star Wars and the militarization of space. 7. Make globalization work for, not against, working people. 8. Ensure equal treatment under law for all. 9. Get money out of politics. 10. Close the gap between rich and poor kids at home. Computer Ate My Vote Project Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry's), Vice Admiral John J. Shanahan
Verified Voting & Verified Voting Foundation Champions reliable and publicly verifiable elections in the United States David Dill, founder; Courtenay Strickland Bhatia, Pres & CEO; Pamela Smith, Nationwide Coordinator; Bobbie Brinegar, Senior Political Adviser
Voter Action Voter Action is a national non-profit organization that seeks to ensure election integrity in the United States through legal advocacy, research, and public education. We aim to protect an open and transparent election process, one in which our elections at the federal, state, and local level are accessible and verifiable. Lowell Finley, Esq., and Holly Jacobson, Co-Directors
Voters Unite fair and accurate elections includes links on right to local organizations John Gideon (executive director), Ellen Theisen (founder and original E.D., but resigned in order to pursue development of Vote-PAD)
VoteTrustUSA to strengthen coordination, organization, teamwork, knowledge, information sharing and communication among state and locally based election integrity organizations across the country. home page contains links to many organizations listed in this table Joan Krawitz (ED), Warren Stewart (Legislative Issues & Policy); John Gideon (IT & VotersUnite)
Wij vertrouwen stemcomputers niet ("We Don't Trust Voting Computers") coalition of citizens concerned about the use of voting computers during Dutch elections started as an initiative of Rop Gonggrijp, Peter Knoppers, Anne-Marie Oostveen and Barry Wels
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