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Republican Lisa Murkowski served in the Alaska house of representatives from 1998-2002. She had already been chosen as the house majority leader for the 2003-2004 session when she was appointed by her father Frank Murkowski to serve in the Senate seat he vacated after being elected Governor of Alaska in 2002.

Democrat and former 2-term governor Tony Knowles challenged Murkowski in the 2004 elections, and led her in many opinion polls. But the incredibly popular senior senator of Alaska, Ted Stevens, began campaigning for her late in the cycle, telling voters they were far less likely to receive so much "pork" (money from the federal government) if "Team Alaska" (Murkowski, Stevens, Don Young) were broken up. In the end, Murkowski was narrowly reelected to her first 6-year term.

Although many claim Murkowski is a moderate Republican, her voting record is generally quite conservative.

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