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Libya agreed under U.S. pressure to allow weapons inspections and take some small responsibility for the bombing of Flight 103. It may have been one of the success stories of Bush Administration diplomacy, although the true story behind the bombings remains to be told, with Libyan guilt far from proven.

But one horror story continues behind the scenes, although it has dropped off the pages of the world's newspapers. Six nurses from Bulgaria and one Doctor from Pakistan who had gone to Libya to volunteer in childrens hospitals were arrested and charged with deliberately infecting the children with AIDS. The charge is preposterous, but it salves the reputation of the Libyan government which does not want to acknowledge that the children were infected by dirty needles.

Although there has been almost no real news, it is probably that AIDS in Libyan hospitals was comparable in origin with the same problem in Romanian hospitals. But Romania took steps to correct the situation long ago. Libya has condemned the volunteer health workers to death. They have been imprisoned for more than a year and there is word that the women have been raped. The situation is unchanged as of October 2005, although every doctor and nurse in the world and every volunteer worker should be outraged. Amnesty international has taken on the case.

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