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Liberapedia , not to be confused with Librapedia (the encyclopedia of people born under the Libra sign) is a wiki and part of Wikia. Liberapedia is politically left of centre and aims to entertain as well as educate. There are sometimes problems when outsiders don't understand that nonsense in Liberapedia is intentionally funny.

Liberapedia's tongue in cheek view of itself

Liberapedia is what this site is about. Liberapedia is an awesome Wiki that tries to spread Liberal ideas. Liberapedia is serious. Liberapedia is also funny. Liberapedia contains the TRUTH. Pointing out the evils of Conservatism and letting people know the saving grace of liberalism is what we strive for. By being a user on Liberapedia, you not only commit to the idea that conservatism is utter bullshit that will lead us to the end of the earth, but also that science,logic, and independence will crush the evil conservatives and bring a new era of freedom!. [1]

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