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Claudia Alta (Taylor) Johnson AKA "Ladybird" was the wife of President LBJ, an enviromentalist before the term existed, and one of the first Presidentual wife to have ever graduated from college.

Time Magazine records perhapes her shining moment in 1964 thusly. "[T]he South, angry over LBJ's civil rights efforts, was smoldering when she whistle-stopped from Virginia to New Orleans on the Lady Bird Special, at first enduring catcalls and hostile placards ("Fly Away Black Bird") but the same soft tolerance she used on her husband she used on the southern crowds: "In this country we have many viewpoints. You are entitled to yours. Right now I am entitled to mine." By New Orleans the stories of her sweet courage had turned the risky political journey into a roar of approval and pride."[1]

She was born in 1912 and lived to 2007.

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