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The Labour Party, led by Ed Milliband following the general election defeat of 2010 is currently the middle left party of the United Kingdom. Traditionally they are a Democratic Socialist party with strong ties to the Unions of Britain.

In the mid-90's they adopted the "Third Way", or "New Labour", modelled after Bill Clinton's shift to the right. Electoral success followed, and the Labour party leadership was in office longer than any other. This left the left in Britain feeling disenfranchised and resentful, especially following the war in Iraq.

After the replacement of the increasingly unpopular Tony Blair by Gordon Brown, the party's fortunes continued to flounder, until electoral defeat in May 2010.

Many Labour members have adopted the label of "Old Labour" to signify that they still support Labour, but want a rejection of British policy on Iraq and a return to more traditional party values. The success of Milliband in retiring party fortunes and creating a credible opposition to government austerity measures remains to be seen.

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