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Republican Joseph Cao is the incumbent.


2008 election cycle

Despite the districts heavy Democratic majority, Republican Ahn Cao defeated William Jefferson's re-election bid as Jefferson was mired in corruption scandals.

2006 election cycle

The scandal surrounding accusations of corruption involving telecom equipment and iGate hgihlighted by the unprecedented FBI raid on Represntative William Jefferson's Capitol Hill office elicited a flurry of last minute filings by Louisiana politicians in the Open Louisiana Primary. The FBI claims it found $90,000 in Jefferson's freezer and the difficulty of explaining so much cold cash makes him a target, even in Louisiana.

He failed to receive a majority of the vote but won by 30% due to fragmented opposition.

2004 election cycle

  • William J. Jefferson (D): 172,931. 79%
  • Art Schwertz (R): 46,029, 21%

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