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Kinky Friedman was an Independent candidate in the 2006 Texas gubernatorial contest. He ran against incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry, democratic candidate Chris Bell, Independent Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Kinky Friedman and Libertarian James Werner.

Friedman's humor and populism work with some parts of the Texas electorate but not others. During a Wednesday October 4, 2006 event at the University of texas he received big applause when he called for decriminalizeing marijuana and endorsed abortion rights, but his plan to step up the National Guard presence on the border seemed to get lukewarm support and his remarks on the role Hurricane Katrina evacuees have played in Houston crime was met with silence. Source: Kelley Shannon. "Alma Mater Gives Friedman Mixed Response." Article Washigngton Post


  • Horay for Kinky Freidman Reason
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