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Kingfisher County is a rural county of central Oklahoma northwest of Oklahoma City. It borders Logan County to the east, Blaine County to the west, Garfield County to the north, Major County to the northwest and Canadian County to the south. The 2003 population of the county was 13,926. The ethno-racial composition of the county is 86% White, non-Hispanic, 6.9% Hispanic, 5.1% Native American, and 8.6% Mixed Race or other.

State Legislative Representation

Kingfisher is in State House of Representatives District #59, represented by Republican Rep. Rob Johnson.

Kingfisher County in the News

The country is the location for an unexpected an extensive outbreak of geysers spewing mud and gas, which have appeared throughout the countryside. Firefighters and officials of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission wewre on the scene to investigate. Source: n.a. "Surprise Geysers Erupt in Oklahoma." Associated Press December 12, 2005.

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