Kerry is an American war hero

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This is a MemeTank meme.



Under fire.


Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, served in the Vietnam war, for which he was honored with three Purple Hearts, a Silver Star, a Bronze Star.


Potentially very strong.


Kerry's war-hero image attracts veterans (, Nancy Benac - Associated Press Writer, 17 February 2004)

Kerry Blasts Veterans Health Care Cuts (Guardian Unlimited, Mike Glover - Associated Press Writer, 13 May 2004)

Idea of the Week: A New Democrat Ticket (New Democrats Online, New Dem Daily, 9 July 2004)

Democratic Convention to Focus on Kerry's Military Service (New York Times, Maria Newman, 13 July 2004)


His service in Vietnam, his medals, and support by veterans all contribute to the strength of this meme. It can be argued that it is this meme in particular that put him ahead of the other democratic candidates in the presidential primary contest. Also, its strength is reflected in the level of attack against it by his opponents, who try to malign Kerry's service by implying that his opposition to the war in some way negates that he served his country honorably. Often cited by the opposition is his involvement in Vietnam Veterans Against the War and his symbolic act of throwing his ribbons and other veterans' medals over a fence at the U.S. Capitol. This idea also lends itself to statement that Kerry is better equipped to make the decision to send our troops into war, having served in a foreign war, than someone who has not.

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