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The so-called Keith Olbermann 24 controversy involves criticism by liberal Democrat political commentator Keith Olbermann that the FOX television series 24 was engaging in fear-mongering and was therefore a tool of neo-conservative propaganda. The claim is plausible because conservatives exploit exaggerated fear of the Other is win political support and American popular culture has become an ideological battleground between liberalism and conservatism.

On the January 16, 2007 edition of Olbermann's show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the commentator challenged the content of the series as being "propaganda designed to keep people thinking about domestic terrorism to keep us scared". He suggested that the show serves the political agenda to aid the Republican Party, rhetorically asking, "is it a program-length commercial for one political party?" Olbermann even suggested in a subtle manner that the show should be boycotted with the rhetorical question, "if the irrational right can claim that the news is fixed to try to alter people's minds or that networks should be boycotted for nudity or for immorality, shouldn't those same groups be saying 24 should be taken off of TV because it's naked brainwashing?"

The January 15 broadcast of 24 in which a low-grade nuclear weapon is detoned in the Valencia community of Los Angeles by a terrorist group. Olbermann has not criticized other apocalyptic scenarios depicted in fiction such as that featured in the CBS television series Jericho, nor has he voiced concerns over the neutrality of other politically oriented shows like the liberal The West Wing.

24 stars Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, who is the son of Donald Sutherland. The elder Sutherland is known for his progressive politics.

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