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Kazem Jalali is an Iranian MP and Rapporteur of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission. He represents the city of Shahroud, in Semnan province.


  • "Iran is not after adventurism. It does not want to violate international measures." Discussing the adoption of sanctions by the UN Security Council. Source: n.a. "Russia, China Urge Iran to Heed U.N." Guardian. March 26, 2007. News Report
  • "After ratification of the unfair and illegal resolution by the Security Council, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as one of important decision-making centers (of the country), passed the bill to speed up nuclear activities and revise Iran's cooperation with the IAEA...There are special regulations in international relations. Iran has fulfilled its international duties in hope of restoring its rights...There is no reason for denying a country access to its inalienable rights while it has conducted its duties well." Source: n.a. "Majlis Aims To Restore Iran's Nuclear Right: MP." IRNA. January 1, 2006. News Report
  • "Western states intend to convince the world that Iran has violated international regulations by obliging the country's officials to make hasty decisions while the issue is not true...Giant world media, influenced by the Zionist regime, intend to show an inappropriate image of Iran." Source: n.a. "MP Cautions Against Hasty Decision On Nuclear Case." IRNA. January 6, 2007. News Article


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