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Kay Bailey Hutchison was elected as Texas' first female senator in 1993, also known as the Year of the Woman. She received over 4,000,000 votes in her 2000 reelection bid, the largest number of votes EVER in the history of the state. She is now Texas' senior senator. Major "accomplishments" involve being chief Senate sponsor of the bill which eliminated the so-called marriage penalty, and writing key passages of the education bill No Child Left Behind. She also led the fight into investigations of a rash of military base rapes in 2002 and 2003. Hutchison has an extremely conservative voting record, opposes partial-birth abortion, favors the Federal Marriage Amendment, but is generally pro-choice. She can be counted on for the occasional wild vote, such as her July 6, 2004 vote against confirmation of extremely controversial judicial nominee James Leon Holmes.

Kay is Texas' most popular politician and has been for over a decade (aside from the years when Dubya mania swept the state), but is still deeply hated by the extremist Texas Republican Party. With state leadership (Rick Perry in particular) becoming increasingly unpopular among all parties, Kay was a likely candidate for governor in 2006. The race could have been hers, but she decided to run for re-election.

In 2006, Hutchison defeated her Democratic opponent, Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

In 2009, Hutchison announced her intention to resign as Senator to focus on her candidacy for governor of Texas. After losing the primary to Perry, Hutchison chose to remain in the Senate, surprising no one.

On Jan. 13, 2011, Sen. Hutchison announced she will not seek a fourth term in the Senate.


  • Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Committee on Rules and Administration
  • Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

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[Official Website http://hutchison.senate.gov/]

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