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Kaloko, a resevoir, located on the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The more than a century-old sugar plantation reservoir failed on March 14, 2006, sending hundreds of millions of gallons down the Wailapa Stream valley, sweeping away homes and killing seven people. The dam breach cut its more than 400 million gallon capacity to approximately a tenth of full capacity.

Kaloko resevoir provides the only source of irrigation to organic farmers east of Kilauea who grow crops that make their way to local farmers markets, O'ahu supermarkets and Mainland food stores. The now fragile supply of water has many farmers worried.

Another concern is whether the breach will even be fixed as noted in a Honolulu Advertiser article by Jan TenBruggencate, dated June 26, 2006:

Jimmy Pflueger, who owns a majority of the reservoir, in March informed the state he wants to remove the Kaloko Reservoir dam, but his representatives say he is reconsidering his position after receiving an appeal from farmers.
"The original thought was to take the dam down, but then the farmers wrote a letter asking us to come up with a plan to keep the irrigation system going," said Bill McCorriston, Pflueger's attorney.
"We can't do anything to help right now. We need some input from the state and the county. We need some constructive direction." [1]

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