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"Judicial Watch is a United States-based organization that claims to be an unbiased watch dog. However, it has often been accused of having a right-wing/conservative agenda." -- Wikipedia

Judicial Watch is primarily funded by the Carthage Foundation and Richard Mellon Scaife. -- Media Transparency, CNN


In 2003, the Bush administration fought Judicial Watch's lawsuit to open Clinton records relating to the 177 pardons the former president issued before leaving office. -- Reason: Pardon Me? The Bush administration defends Clinton

October 2004: "You know you are one corrupt son-of-a-bitch when you are a Republican, and the conservative Judicial Watch still guns for you. From a press release..." -- kos: Judicial Watch now gunning for DeLay

On Easter Sunday 2005, Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman joined the GOP chorus of threatening judges when he urged Governor Jeb Bush to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case. Referring to this controversal court-ordered removal of Terri's feeding tube, Klayman said the courts effectively put her on "death row," and asked Jeb Bush for a "stay of execution." -- DailySouthTown: Terri Schiavo's parents end legal battle, but protesters continue fight

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