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John Warner is one of the ex-husbands of Elizabeth Taylor. He is also a former Republican Senator from Virginia. Sen. Warner announced on August 31, 2007 that he is retiring from Congress.


Evidence of the increasing concern among Republican legislators about the effect of Iraq on their individual political careers was apparent in the call by John Warner for President George W. Bush to conduct FDR style "fireside chats" about the Republican war. Said Warner, "I think it would be to Bush's advantage. It would bring him closer to the people, dispel some of this concern that understandably our people have, about the loss of life and limb, the enormous cost of this war to the American public." Even if unsuccessful, and there is no reason to believe that Bush could project the same wisdom and reassurance that FDR did during the Second World War, such an effort would still shift more of the perceived responsibility from other Republicans onto their leader's shoulders. In effect, Warner is recommending that Bush assume even more of the moral and political blame for the Republican decision to drag the United States into an unwinnable conflict that made it less safe by creating a breeeding ground for future Islamist terorists.


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