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John E. Sweeney is a former Republican U.S. Representative from New York's 20th District. He was a member of the U.S. House from 1998-2006. Prior to his election to the House of Representatives, Sweeney served for more than two years as New York State Commissioner of Labor.


Although the Clifton Park Republcian voted for HR 861 ("U.S. is committed to the completion of the mission to re-create a sovereign, free, secure and united Iraq."), he now says that "staying the course" is no longer a viable option in Iraq and the country should be partitioned. See Patricia Doxy. "Sweeney Breaks with Bush on Iraq, Contradicts Own Vote on Partitioning." Daily Freeman. November 1, 2006. New Report


  • Sweeney's wife, Gail, called the police in December, 2005, to complain that he was "knocking her around". Congressman's wife called police, by Brendan J. Lyons, Albany Times Union, Oct. 31. 2006.
  • Sweeney took expensive vacations, paid for by lobbyists.
  • Sweeney was photographed partying with the brothers of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at Union College.

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  • Official House website.
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