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Board of Directors

  • Eugene F. Williams, Jr., Chairman
  • George J. Gillespie, III, President and Treasurer
  • Peter M. Flanigan
  • Richard M. Furlaud
  • Charles F. Knight
  • James Piereson, Secretary

Former Directors


Grantees of the John M. Olin Foundation include:

GranteeTotal Contribution ($)
Heritage Foundation8,020,835
American Enterprise Institute6,832,124
Hoover Institution4,880,660
Manhattan Institute4,489,500
National Bureau for Economic Research3,876,400
Federalist Society3,632,000
Hudson Institute2,944,840
Intercollegiate Studies Institute2,827,600
Washington Legal Foundation2,460,000
Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy2,360,000
Academy Research and Development Institute2,328,704
Foundation for Cultural Review2,263,000
Center for Strategic and International Studies2,112,318
Center for the Study of Popular Culture1,935,000
Ethics and Public Policy Center1,808,500
Equal Opportunity Foundation1,445,000
Institute on Religion and Public Life1,440,000
Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation1,375,000
Brookings Institution1,167,000
National Center for Policy Analysis1,069,000
Freedom House1,019,163
Cato Institute832,500
Independent Women's Forum776,000
Free Congress Foundation710,000
Pacific Legal Foundation665,000
Philanthropy Roundtable654,000
Capital Research Center617,500
Institute for Educational Affairs547,389
American for Tax Reform Foundation525,000
American Spectator Educational Foundation510,000
Institute on Religion and Democracy489,000
National Taxpayers Union Foundation405,000
New Citizenship Project345,000
Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund303,500
Rockford Institute300,000
Judicial Watch300,000
Reason Foundation276,500
Landmark Legal Foundation270,000
Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation250,000
Progress & Freedom Foundation145,000
Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute145,000
Empower America75,000

Academic Sponsorships

The John M. Olin Foundation takes a particular interest in endowing university chairs and professorships, lecture series, etc. There are John M. Olin professors and other Olin Foundation-sponsored activities at the following institutions:

Academics Funded by Olin Foundation Grants

The Foundation also takes a great interest in underwriting the work of individual professors, an alarming number of whom are affirmed Straussians, which suggests a very focused, strategic and ideologically-driven plan of support. Academics receiving Olin Foundation financing include:

Other Academic Institutions Supported by the Olin Foundation

  • Fordham University
    • Graduate fellowships and seminars in political philosophy
  • Francis Marion University, support for the Phillip N. Truluck Chair
  • Friends University, Shakespeare in the Park
  • George Mason University
  • Georgetown University
    • Center for Strategic and International Studies
      • Commission on National Elections
      • Moscow Conference co-hosted by Henry Kissinger and Eduard Shevardnaze
      • Global Organized Crime Project
      • Henry Kissinger Chair in International Diplomacy
      • Merger of CSIS with the Pacific Forum
      • Professional Military Education Project
      • Program on defense investment strategy
      • Project on Congress and the national defense
      • Project on resources strategy for the U.S. and its allies
      • Research project on global competitive strategies and contingencies in the 1990s
      • William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy
    • School of Foreign Service, television series, "American Interests"
  • Hampden-Sydney College, teaching fellowship, James Madison Program in Public Service
  • Harvard University
    • Center for American Political Studies
      • Evaluation of school choice programs in Milwaukee
    • Davis Center for Russian Studies
    • Journal of Law and Public Policy
    • Neiman Foundation for Journalism, speakers program for Neiman fellows
    • Program on Constitutional Government
    • Program on Education Policy and Governance
      • Washington Scholarship Fund pilot program evaluation
    • Program in International Financial Systems
  • Hillsdale College
    • Center for Constructive Alternatives
      • Conference on the legacy of the New Deal
      • Seminar on the morality of defense
      • Seminar, "Entrepreneurship in a Changed America"
    • Imprimis newsletter
  • Illinois State University, John Gueguen Scholarship Fund
  • Institut fur die Wissenschafen vom Menschen
  • Iona College, Philosophy Department, seminar in higher education
  • Johns Hopkins University
    • Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Eisenhower Papers Project
    • Institute for Contemporary German Studies, support for John J. McCloy Distinguished Fellow in Residence
    • SAIS
      • Burden-sharing in the Atlantic Alliance Program
      • Program in Soviet and American Security Policymaking
  • Kenyon College, Department of Political Science, lecture series on "American Morale"
  • Lafayette College, research project on Congressional Patronage and Economics of Defense
  • Lehigh University, Fairchild-Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise
    • Conference on the economic aspects of regional trade agreements
    • Conference on protectionism
  • LeMoyne College, lecture series in strategic and international studies
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, program bringing American economists to Britain for seminars
  • Louisiana State University, Department of Political Science, support for publications celebrating the Constitutional Bicentennial
  • Marquette University, Institute on Family Studies, Working Seminar on the Family and American Social Welfare Policy
  • Michigan State University, Department of Political Science
    • Graduate program in political philosophy and American government
    • Seminar series and conference on "Science, Reason and Modern Democracy"
  • New York University
    • Chancellor's Division
      • Program on Political Culture
      • Public Policy Lecture Series
    • Gallatin Division
      • Public Policy Lecture Series
    • Medical Center
    • Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
      • Program on Education and Civil Society
      • Working Group on School Organization
  • Nichols College
    • Institute for American Values
      • Visiting professorship, publications, lectures and conferences
  • Notre Dame University
    • Center for Ethics and Religious Values in Business, conference on democratic capitalism and the common good
    • Department of Government and International Studies, graduate fellowships in political theory
    • Jacques Maritain Center, Catholicism in Crisis journal
    • Natural Law Institute
      • American Journal of Jurisprudence
  • Pepperdine University
    • School of Public Policy
  • Princeton University
    • Department of Politics
      • Lecture series on "Cultural Preconditions for the Maintenance of Republican Government and Ordered Liberty"
      • James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions
    • Princeton University Press, the translation into Russian of Anna Geifman's Thou Shalt Kill: Revolutionary Terrorism in Russia, 1894-1917
  • Ripon College, Department of History, Program in Military History
  • Rutgers University
    • Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research, study on homelessness
    • National Marriage Project
  • St. John's College (Santa Fe), conference and lecture series on "Citizenship and Democracy"
  • Smith College, Center for the Study of Social and Political Change
  • Southwest Missouri State University, Center for Defense and Strategic Studies, conference on U.S. national security strategies for the 1990s
  • Springfield College, support for two participants in The Management Institute for Executives of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
    • Medical Center, Cardiology Division, SCRIP Project
    • Graduate School of Business, research and curriculum development in the area of political economy
  • Texas A&M University, Center for Education and Research in Free Enterprise, support for attendance of U.S. scholars at Hayek Symposia on Knowledge, Information and Competition
  • Thomas Aquinas College, Great Books Program and activities on accreditation
  • Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
    • Center for Media Quality
    • International Security Affairs Program
    • Media Seminar in American Political Culture
  • University of Arizona
    • Economic Science Laboratory for Research and Education
    • Karl Eller Graduate School of Management
  • UC Berkeley
    • History Department, Russian translation of Martin Malia's The Soviet Tragedy
  • UC Davis, Institute of Governmental Affairs, conference on the legacy of the Reagan presidency
  • UCLA
    • Department of Economics, supporting a course in "Business and Society"
    • Foundation for Research in Economics and Education, research to advance effective management practices in America's schools
    • John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management, study of "the mis-management of America's public schools"
  • University of Chicago
    • George P. Schultz Chair, Graduate School of Business
    • University of Chicago Press, support for publication of Winston Churchill's study of the Duke of Marlborough
  • University of Dallas, graduate fellowships and graduate seminars in American politics
  • University of Houston, Law Center, conference on environmental liability
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Department of History, program in Military History
  • University of Maryland, lecture series on "Political Philosophy and Political Practice"
  • University of Miami
    • Graduate School of International Studies, conference on the Soviet Union, Nicaragua and Central America
    • Law and Economics Center
  • University of Michigan
    • Center for Russian and East European Studies, conference on "Contemporary Central European Religious Movements"
    • Institute of Public Policy Studies, conference on social welfare policy
  • University of Pennsylvania, Post Doctoral training program in economies of health service markets
  • University of Rochester
    • W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy
    • William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration
  • University of South Carolina
    • Educational Foundation: Aiken Partnership, Walter F. O'Connell Economic Enterprise Center
      • Scholarships at the Walter F. O'Connell Economic Enterprise Center
      • Support for three academic chairs at O'Connell Center
  • University of Southern California
    • Program in Law and Rational Choice
  • University of Virginia
    • Department of Government and Foreign Affairs conference, "Great Society: Now and Then"
  • University of Washington
    • Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
      • Research and fellowship program on economic interdependence and defense burden-sharing in the Pacific Basin
    • Research and script development for a TV series on communism
  • Vanderbilt University, Educational Excellence Network
  • Wellesley College
    • Research for a second edition of Not Out of Africa
  • Williams College
    • Department of Art, lecture series and reading groups on "Rethinking America's Role at Home and Abroad"
    • Department of Political Science, conference and book on "Reconsidering American Democracy"
  • Yale University Law School
    • Center for Study in Law, Economics and Public Policy
    • International Law and Economics Society
    • Journal of Law, Economics and Organization
    • Law, Economics and Organization Workshop
  • Yale University
    • School of Organization and Management, Analysis of Institutions Program
    • Yale University Press
      • Annals of Communism project
      • Communism in American Life
      • Secret World of American Communism
      • Smiling Through the Cultural Catastrophe
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