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Jim Gibbons (R) is the Governor of Nevada. He represented Nevada's 2nd District in the US House of Representatives from 1996-2006. He resigned his office in 2006 to run for Governor, and he defeated Dina Titus, see Nevada gubernatorial election, 2006.

In the 108th Congress, Gibbons served on four committees: The House Resources Committee (Vice-Chairman), the Armed Services Committee, the Select Committee on Homeland Security, and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.


Congressman's Untruth Squad

University of Nevada Regents Mark Alden, Dorothy Gallagher, Steve Sisolak and Bret Whipple all received telephone calls from Gibbon's spokesman Robert Uithoven about comments made by University Chancellor Jim Rogers. The Chancellor fears Gibbons is not too bright and would ofer simplistic solutions to complex problems involving higher education. Source: K.C. Howard. "Regents Receive Calls from Gibbons Aide." Las Vegas Review-Journal. July 26, 2005. Mental acuity seems something of a sore point with Representative Gibbons. Like Gibbons, Rogers is also believed to be seeking the state's Republican gubernatorial nomination. Among the other Republican gubernatorial primary candidates and presumed candidates are Republican Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt and Republican State Senator from Las Vegas Bob Beers. Candidates and presumed canidates in the Democratic gubernatorial primary are Democratic State Senator from Las Vegas Dina Titus and Democrat Jim Gibson, Mayor of Henderson, Nevada. Source: Scott Sonner. "Sparks Fly as Henderson Mayor Joins Race for Nev. Governor." Associated Press State & Local Wire. October 20, 2005.


Representative Jim Gibbons' wife, Dawn Gibbons, tried to replace him as Representative even while serving as First Lady of Nevada, but she lost the Republican primary. (Source: n.a. "Mrs. Guinn Fires Away at Potential Successor." Roll Call. September 27, 2005.)

Immigration Hypocrisy

Gibbons hired an illegal immigrant for several years as a housekeeper and babysitter. All the while, he was campaigning against illegal immigrants. (Source: KLAS-TV).


Gibbons was involved in a bizarre incident after a night of drinking that led to alledgations of sexual battery. See links at Nevada gubernatorial election, 2006.


  • NBC: FBI investigating Gov. Gibbons (R-NV). - ThinkProgress.org, May 12, 2007.
  • The FBI is investigating Gibbons for accepting unreported gifts from a company that won secret military contracts while Gibbons was in Congress.

(Source: Wall St. Journal online, Feb. 15, 2007])

Anti-Environmental Voting Record

Gibbons voted against the environment on five recent important legialative roll call votes: Energy (House R.C. 132); Artic Refuge (House R.C. 666); Environmental Funding (House R.C. 88); Coastal Protection (House R.C. 192) and Fuel Efficiency (House R.C. 121).

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