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Jim Brandt CA-46

Jim Brandt is a California Democrat, who ran for Congress in the 46th district, but lost to the incumbent, see California U.S. House election, 2006.

Jim Brandt has a diverse background. He has corporate experience as founder and CEO of his own technology company, served as a Naval aviator in the Marine Corps, was an all-conference football player in college, and raised three children as a single parent.

Jim founded and was CEO of Pyramid Software, a company that developed and distributed software. He previously provided IT support for 12,000 people while serving as Chief Operating Officer for Security Pacific Computer Solutions (Security Pacific Bank was the fifth largest bank in the United States at the time). He currently serves as practice manager with a technology consulting company. Jim’s experience in business convinced him of the importance of education in creating a skilled workforce.

Jim served as a Naval aviator and intelligence officer in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. As an officer (rank of captain), he was responsible for both aircraft and personnel under the most stressful of circumstances. The competition to become a Naval aviator is intense; only the best are awarded wings. His experience in the Marine Corps gave him a global vision with a lasting appreciation for the importance of making the right decisions and understanding diplomacy.

An all-conference college football athlete, Jim was a competitor with ethics and integrity. He understands the value of teamwork, perseverance, mental toughness, competition, and playing by the rules of the game.

Jim provided leadership to his own family as a single parent. His three children all earned their bachelor’s degrees at California State University campuses and are established in their own careers. Jim has one grandchild.

After graduation with his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from United States International University, Jim earned his master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels in technology and management.

Jim Brandt: Leadership That Goes the Distance

I, Jim Brandt, have accepted the challenge of running for the office of Representative from the 46th congressional district of California against a nine-term incumbent to provide the common-sense, moderate, principled representation the constituents of the district deserve. With a solid understanding of the people and issues of the district, I am running an open campaign financed by small, individual contributions and volunteer support. If you elect me, the only special-interest group I will owe will be the voters of the 46th district.

I believe my first responsibility as a candidate is to provide effective leadership to the constituents in the district. I bring a lifetime of service to the community as a self-made businessman, Marine Corps veteran, educator, and single parent. That experience defines my campaign and its core principles.

I am an effective leader because I have a clear understanding of the issues we face and the ability to address these issues pragmatically.

  • Strong national security — As a captain and intelligence officer in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, I developed a strong commitment to national security, including secure ports; a strong, properly equipped, and well-trained military; and sensible immigration policies.
  • Sound economy — My business experience makes me a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility; energy independence through innovation; “fair trade,” not “free trade,” through creating a level playing field; ending job outsourcing; accessible healthcare; and fully funded public schools that provide a strong foundation for our country’s future prosperity.
  • Healthy environment — As an avid outdoorsman/backpacker and former surfer, I am committed to preserving the district’s unique natural beauty and precious coast and wetlands.

I am a conscientious leader because I stand for the following three core principles:

  • Personal Independence — I am committed to ensuring that every American has the freedom to choose a career, has access to education and healthcare, can own a business, has a secure retirement, has the right to privacy, and feels safe and secure.
  • Service — I believe that by helping those who cannot help themselves, we can all be successful. We can have a strong economy with a solid working class that pays taxes and has income to participate in the economy.
  • Going the Distance — I will be a leader with the courage and integrity to finish what I start, even when it’s not popular.

I am an honest leader because I want government to be a place where people of goodwill come together to craft solutions to our common issues. I see the limitless potential of the American people and the government’s role in helping them reach it. Because of that, I am committed to:

  • Integrity — Nothing less than strict ethical conduct will earn peoples’ trust and respect.
  • Service — I consider elected office a sacred responsibility that requires responsiveness, understanding, and a commitment to fulfilling the needs of the people.
  • Follow-through — I am committed to bringing people together to formulate solutions to the problems our district, country, and world face, and to see the process through so that people will again have faith in their government.

Please support my campaign in any way you can. Volunteer, display a yard sign, join the Brandt Brigade [1]. Together, we can give the people of the 46th, of California, and of the United States the representation they need and deserve. Thank you for reading.

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