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One of the dKos 8, Jeff is running against Ralph Regula (R) in Ohio's 16th district. The 16th district includes the city of Canton, and overlaps portions of Stark, Wayne, Medina, and Ashland counties.

from his website:
Jeff Seemann was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, heart of the 16th District. He graduated from Glen Oak High School and continued his education at The Ohio State University, majoring in Journalism and English.

Jeff has spent the past 16 years in the radio industry, first as an intern, then as an on-air personality. He currently works in music research, providing marketing information for a Los Angeles-based company.

A lifelong Democrat, Jeff Seemann has spent the last three years as an activist. He founded the Stark County Peace Coalition, which demonstrated against the Bush Administration 26 times in the past 12 months.

In September of 2003, Jeff decided to expand his activism beyond the streets and into Washington DC when he placed his name on the ballot for the very first time. His opponent will be Republican incumbent Ralph Regula.

Jeff has campaigned for such notable politicians as William Jefferson Clinton, Al Gore, Howard Dean, and Canton-based candidates Marilyn Scott and Jan Schwartz. The Jeff Seemann campaign now works with many Democratic candidates such as Sherrod Brown, Marcy Kaptur, Ted Strickland, Eric Fingerhut, Kara Anastasio, Capri Cafaro, and John Kerry. He is dedicated to the elections of numerous candidates that will help return a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate.

Jeff's platform will include a plan to provide health care to every American, a system of tax cuts that will benefit the lower and middle classes rather than the wealthy, and the elimination of the outsourcing of American jobs.

Jeff recently celebrated his 7th wedding anniversary with his wife Susan. Together they have a 5-year-old daughter.

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